Berger Hirschberg Strategies’ cutting-edge approach shows in everything we do. We are two of the nation’s leading fundraisers and strategists with decades of experience working at the highest levels and in the deepest trenches for our candidates, campaigns and causes. We work with you to develop the strategies you need to win, whether it is a high-stakes political campaign, a high-need non-profit, or a high-profile capital project. We have generated remarkable success for our clients: in 13 years we have raised nearly $400 million.

What makes us innovative is our two-pronged approach: We are equally as strong in political and non-profit fundraising. In fact, we leverage our long-standing relationships with elected officials to strengthen our work in the non-profit sector. Whether we are putting your non-profit in front of the donors you need, helping individuals strategize about their own giving, or advising corporations on how to best maximize their impact through fundraising, we always keep our ultimate goal in mind: supporting you with the resources and strategies you need to effect change in the years to come.

We have created a new partnership project RISE with Kristina Wilfore, a former client of BHS who is an international development expert based in Istanbul, Turkey. RISE focuses on bringing the tools of fundraising and resource development to the Middle East, Europe and Eurasia. It was formed in the recognition that not enough is being done to build strong and sustainable organizations adjusted to the international realities where the culture of fundraising is so different, which is why we are offering services such as organizational management, strategic planning, resource development, event planning, and cross cultural trips between the US and international organizations and leaders. We are working with individuals on missions that give strength and empowerment to people and projects focused on range of issues — women’s empowerment, human rights, trauma therapy, Syrian refugees, business entrepreneurship, economic development and other critical topics.


Elected Officials
  • Fundraising evaluation, strategy, implementation
  • Targeting potential donors
  • Engaging your target audience
  • Designing and implementing events

  • Planning and executing your gala
  • Strategic development planning
  • Building Boards of Directors
  • Creating direct mail and marketing plans, including cause related and social marketing
  • Foundation outreach and introductions to major donors
  • Strategic advice on how to maximize the benefits of political and charitable contributions
  • Launching and implementing capital campaigns
  • Leveraging political relationships to help fulfill your mission

Capital Campaigns

Philanthropic Advising for Individuals

Strategic Advising for Corporations